Spirit Identity

Home of the Lynx

Launched in 2013, CU Denver’s spirit identity is a distinct and energetic expansion of our brand. Used as a focal point for student and community pride, as well as club sports and student organizations, it is embodied by our mascot, Milo the Lynx.

As with other supporting graphics, CU Denver’s spirit marks are for content clarification and engagement. They are not used for identification of CU units, entities, or initiatives, or as replacements for CU Denver’s logo, campus, or unit signatures.


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Quick facts

Name: CU Denver Lynx (always a capital “L” in Lynx)

Introduced: 2013

Mascot: Milo the Lynx (always a capital “L” in Lynx)

Species: Canada Lynx/Colorado native

Plural form: lynx (not “lynxes” or "lynx's")

Personality: adventurous, bold, active, clever, confident, fierce

Spirit identity elements

The CU Denver spirit identity includes a defined and regulated use of its name, as well as two approved spirit marks and an authorized illustration of our mascot, Milo the Lynx. See below for more detailed information.

Improper use

CU Denver's spirit marks and character illustration are registered trademarks and cannot be altered in any way. Always use the approved artwork to maintain consistency and retain the integrity of the spirt identity.

The following examples are not permitted under any circumstances.


Do not stretch, condense, or distort the spirit marks.



Do not separate, alter, reposition, or rescale spirit mark artwork.



Do not add text or graphics to the spirit marks.



Do not change the colors of the spirit marks.



Do not combine the spirit mark with other CU logos or symbols.



Do not use the spirit marks for identification of CU Denver academic or administrative units, departments, or programs.



Do not use the spirit marks as a watermark, background graphic, or repeating pattern.



Do not add strokes, drop shadows, gradients, additional styling, or visual effects.



Do not redraw or create alternate illustrations of the character/mascot.



Do not add clothing or props to the character/mascot illustration.


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