Boots to Suits programs are designed to support veterans as they transition from the military to the classroom and then from the classroom to the workforce. Our career programs include mentorship connections with working professionals and workshops. By participating in a Boots to Suits program, veterans from CU Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus are primed to become professionals and leaders in our community.

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Boots to Suits: Professional Development Program

This is a one-year cohort program beginning in the fall semester and continuing through spring semester. Open to any current student veteran but designed for sophomore, juniors, and first-year graduate students.

  • Mentoring by a professional within the student's planned career field
  • Resume & cover letter building skills
  • Networking opportunities
  • Interview skills
  • Career growth and preparation vounseling

At the end of the program and upon successful completion of all requirements, student veterans will receive a tailored suit from Brooks Brothers at Cheery Creek at no charge. Requirements include, but aren't limited to, multiple mentor meetings, community service project, and participation in various workshops and events.

Space is limited so make sure you apply early for Boots to Suits at CU Denver.

Students will meet bi-monthly during both fall and spring semester for two hours on Friday afternoons. These meetings will be in-person or utilize Zoom as appropriate.

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Boots to Suits: Workshop Series

VMSS offers workshops to help students meet their career goals.
Space is limited so please only sign up for workshops you are able to attend.

We are currently developing our 2020-2021 schedule. Check come back soon to see our schedule.

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