CU Guest Access

CU Guest Access is a read-only, online option for guests to view specific aspects of your education record. You can select components of your record that the guest can view, and you can modify or revoke access at any time. Guests can’t make any changes to your record or complete any transactions on your behalf.

CU Guest Access does not authorize a guest to contact the university to request or discuss your student education record. Student record information can only be accessed by a parent or third party if the student has filed a Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Consent to Release.

What's Included in Guest Access Records

  • Advisor information—May include name and email for assigned advisors based on plan or program
  • College Opportunity Fund (COF) selections—For Colorado resident undergraduate students who are COF eligible
  • Class schedule—Enrolled, dropped and waitlisted classes by term
  • Contact information—Includes student home, mail and local addresses, email addresses and phone numbers
  • Course history—A record of all classes taken, including campus, status and grades
  • Emergency contact information—All emergency contact information supplied by the student, including a contact’s relationship, address, phone and email, if available
  • Enrollment appointments—Enrollment dates for upcoming terms by campus
  • Grades—All grades from classes taken at any University of Colorado campus, including credit hours and GPA
  • Health insurance selection—Coverage selected or waived by the student and by term
  • Holds—Current campus-specific holds that may impact registration
  • Program/plan information—Includes all institutions, careers, programs, majors and degrees
  • Transfer credit report—Credit received from external institutions and applied at CU
  • Unofficial transcripts—Includes “All CU Careers” unofficial transcript

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