Alumni-Owned Ventures

From restaurants, to personal coaching, to publishing books, and even global nonprofit organizations, CU Denver alumni can be found throughout our communities. Patron a CU Denver alumni-owned business or venture and easily stay connected with the Lynx community. 

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Arts & Media

The Baraniworks Fine Arts Business Card

The Baraniworks Fine Arts Service

Joseph Barani '00 | Artist

Barani is based in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Broadway Music Studios logo.

Broadway Music Studios 

Evan Reeves MS '22 | Owner and Lead Producer

A renowned music incubator in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. For twenty years, Broadway Music Studios has provided a full array of audio recording services—production, tracking, mixing, overdubbing, songwriting, and more—for both creative and professional clients.

Domemasters logo.

Domemasters, LLC

Timmy Edens '10 | Founder, CEO

Domemasters LLC provides immersive dome and Virtual Reality solutions for deep connecting brand experiences. We want each client we work with to feel assured that we have their best interest in mind and ultimately want to make their vision come to life. The Dome and Virtual Reality experience is a portal to any place imaginable. Creativity and imagination is unlimited. Work includes multiple Superbowl installations and taking projection domes from the arctic circle to Burningman. 



Megan Ellsworth '20 | Singer-Songwriter

Now a double-graduate from the University of Colorado Denver’s award-winning programs, Music Business and Songwriting, she is living her passion as a touring folk singer-songwriter under her last name, Ellsworth. People recognize Ellsworth as a lyrical storyteller and an infectious performer. Her songs are raw and distinct while enjoyably reminiscent of folk greats before her. A friend of innovation, Ellsworth looks forward to experimenting with the folk genre and enriching her songwriting. That said, all of her songs have a core, a purpose that Ellsworth will never waver from. 

FooLPRoof Contemporary Art Logo

fooLPRoof Contemporary Art

Laura Phelps Rogers '13 | Owner

FooLPRoof's alternative business model makes it possible to showcase emerging artists.  We provide access to a stable of artists to purchase works from the gallery and to also consider our art consulting, leasing and fabrication capabilities to help our clients with both residential and commercial projects as well as site-specific works in the commercial and residential sectors. 

Greycorner Icon

Gray Corner Audio

Jesus Parra '03 | Owner

Gray Corner is a boutique audio production studio based in Florida’s Treasure Coast delivering foley, soundscapes, and sound design for video games.  Our aim is to help your game studio create amazing games using original audio assets produced specifically for your project, thus giving it a customized sonic identity to help you tell a story. Whether you are looking for UI sound effects, audio post for cutscenes, or a turnkey game audio solution, Gray Corner can help.

Japanese Arts Network logo.

Japanese Arts Network

Courtney Ozaki '06 | Founder

We proudly connect artists to collaborators and build beneficial partnerships and relationships with stakeholders and communities to recognize the interdependence of all players in the field. We also develop programs and initiatives to encourage a sustainable and symbiotic relationship between artists, communities, and stakeholders. We raise-up the artist’s experience as a person of Japanese descent in America, and provide opportunity and resources for them; recognizing the struggles they might face as part of a marginalized community.

JRM Creative logo.

JRM Creative

Brandon Fryman '10 | Owner

JRM Creative is an award winning media and production company that has worked in the Denver area on commercials, feature films and digital media since 2011. In 2020 JRM Creative assisted fellow CU alumnus in the feature film production of Rent-a-Pal for IFC films. Brandon Fryman served as production designer and producer with fellow CU alumni to create the feature film homegrown in Denver, Colorado. 

Currently we specialize in creative directing and production design for digital marketing and media advertisements around the metro area. 

Liquid Luck Productions Logo

Liquid Luck Productions

Ian Kellett '13 and Lauryn Kellett '14 | Owners

Liquid Luck is a Colorado-based video production house formed by Ian and Lauryn Kellett. Lauryn & Ian, a husband and wife team, founded their production company in 2011. The couple has always been passionate advocates for creating film in Colorado and giving work to local filmmakers. The Liquid Luck team specializes in business branding, documentaries, and television series. They strive to share messages that should be heard, finding the passion behind every project they work on. From conception and scriptwriting to shooting and editing, Liquid Luck will bring your vision to life through film.

McBoat Photography Logo

McBoat Photography

Shameka McBoat '06 | Owner

McBoat Photography is a Global Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Event and Portrait Photography Company photographing clients all over the world since 2005. We enjoy capturing little stolen moments, the wow-factor of "Is this really me?" and working with unique clients each with their own stories to tell. Giving back is extremely important to us as we realize the importance of community and taking care of each other. We offer a 10% Military Discount and a 20% Non-Profit Discount.

Rob Shearer Filmmaker Logo

Rob Shearer Film

Rob Shearer '12 | Owner

Rob Shearer is an award-winning filmmaker based out of Denver, Colorado. His work ranges from narrative and documentary projects, to corporate videos and commercials. With a passion for telling stories, he is constantly finding ways to translate a client’s product or brand into an engaging and compelling story. 

Sarah Herkes Photography Logo

Sarah Herkes Photography and Design LLC

Sarah Herkes MA '16 | Owner

The maternity, newborn, and family photographer for moms who want classic and timeless images to cherish for years to come. I’m Sara (she/her/hers), a Frederick, Colorado and Longmont, CO photographer that loves to work with Colorado moms who want timeless imagery that combines elegance with Colorado rugged backdrops.

The Songwriter Diaries Podcast Logo

The Songwriter Diaries Podcast

Caroline Stump '20 and Megan Ellsworth '20 | Creators 

The Songwriter Diaries is a podcast created by Caroline Stump '20 and Megan Ellsworth '20 that explores the songwriting process. Both Songwriting and Music Business majors at the University of Colorado Denver, these young women hope to shed a light on the creative and analytical aspects of the industry. By interviewing fellow songwriters, mentors, and industry professionals, Stump and Ellsworth showcase a wide array of valuable perspectives on pursuing a career in music.

Books & Publishing

Detour's Be The Artist book cover.

Be The Artist 

Thomas "Detour" Evans '08, MBA '12 | Author

Be The Artist is an Interactive guide to creating a solid foundation for a lasting art career. Be The Artist not only provides you with Tips about how to enter the art world and how to navigate through nuances, but also how to become a self-sufficient creative. This book is an everyday companion and is full of insightful information you can use to make decisions based on your specific situation.

BRAVE Book covers lined up

BRAVE Series

Janyne McConnaughey PhD '06 | Author

The BRAVE series, authored by Janyne Mcconnaughey, Ph.D., Trauma-Informed Author, and Advocate, provides an opportunity to understand the lifelong effects of childhood trauma and both a path and hope for healing.

  • BRAVE: A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma
  • Jeannie's BRAVE Childhood: Behavior & Healing through the Lens of Attachment & Trauma
  • A BRAVE Life: Survival, Resilience, Faith & Hope after Childhood Trauma 

Book covers of two Rick Etchells publications

Etchells Publications

Richard Etchells '72 | Author 

"Getting a degree from CU Denver prepared me to know how to problem solve and how to run a business" says Rick Etchells.

Rick is a retired electronic packaging engineer by trade and a traveler and author by choice. A lifelong interest in history and traveling turned into a passion upon discovery of Route 66 many years ago. From that spawned a desire to travel the two lane highways of America and share  experiences with others. Etchells developed and maintains the magazine indexes for both Route 66 Magazine and American Road Magazine in addition to several of his own publications. 

Ethnic Matching book cover.

Ethnic Matching: Academic Success of Students of Color

Donald Easton-Brooks MA '95, PhD '06 | Author

An in-depth exploration on the impact of ethnic matching in education, the paring of students of color with teachers of the same race. Research shows that this method has a positive and long-term impact on the academic experience of students of color. This book explores what makes this phenomenon relevant in today's classrooms. Through interviewing quality teachers of color, this book sheds a light on the impact these teachers make on the academic experience of students of color. This approach is meant to provide all teachers valuable insight into techniques for engaging with diverse learners. Also, from these conversations, the book shows how the intentionality of culturally responsive practice can enhance the academic experience of students of color. Topics such as the challenges of recruiting and retaining quality teachers of color, as well as the valuable work being done on the local, state, and national level to promote diversifying the field of education as a way to provide equitable education for all students is also explored in this book.

Forever Wild Forever Home Book Cover

Forever Wild, Forever Home: The Story of The Wild Animal Sanctuary of Colorado

Melanie Shellenbarger PhD '08 | Co-Author

Less than an hour north of Denver roam more than 500 large carnivores - including over 200 bears, 70 African lions, and 70 tigers. Now living at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, these magnificent animals, and their rescues from around the world, are the focal point of this groundbreaking book about courage, resilience, and hope. Forever Wild, Forever Home honors the nobility of the animals who call the Sanctuary home, and the heroic labors of those who care for them.

The Free Agent Mindset Book Cover

The Free Agent Mindset: How contrarians are Shaping the Future of Work

Scott Jones '15 | Author

The Free Agent Mindset is about finding your place in this new work environment and positioning yourself as an independent worker. It will make you look at your career differently by laying out the future of work and allowing you to see options that you may not have seen before.

Gracie Greene Logo

A Gracie Greene Adventure: The Magical Plant

Eric Wilson PhD '14 | Author

The adventures of Gracie, an inquisitive 7 year old, and her 4 year old brother, Matteo, are chronicled in this thoughtful and engaging series of eco-conscious children’s books. Check out The Magical Plant and Luna’s Gift.

Will Mundo's From Margins to Medicine book cover.

From Margins to Medicine: A First-Generation Student Health Equity Guide on Overcoming Adversity with Diversity

William Mundo '16, MPH, MD | Author 

Going from the margins of society as an immigrant child in the United States to becoming a First-Generation physician in his family’s history, William Mundo describes his path to medicine while at the same time overcoming the adversity of being a minority student in medicine and higher education. Mundo delivers a health equity guide that discusses the intersections of medicine with ethnic and racial studies alongside public health and the social determinants of health. In this memoir-style reference book, you will acquire an introduction to the health sciences combined with readings for diversity and social justice through compelling life narratives rooted in theory and practice.

Once Again: A Novel 

Catherine Wallace Hope '92 | Author 

An imaginative, emotional debut novel for fans of Ann Patchett about one woman's fight to save her daughter from repeating a deadly fate. Once Again is the 2021 Colorado Book Awards winner in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category.

Polymath Press logo. A black crow perched atop a black book with a white

Polymath Press 

Robert Lewis '18 | Owner and Executive Editor

Polymath Press was founded in 2023 by owner and executive editor Robert Lewis with a mission to publish only the finest in both fiction and non-fiction. Our name, Polymath Press, reflects our eclectic tastes and desire to publish a wide variety of the best books we can find. Though we specialize in genre fiction (particularly horror) and quirky non-fiction, we also believe quality is more important than genre or marketing categories. Therefore, we proudly publish “whatever we want.”  The most important thing for us is that books should either make us think or make us feel. Toward that end, we’re constantly looking for books with some kind of unique intellectual or emotional je ne sais quoi.

Understanding Nonprofit Law and Finance Book Cover

Understanding Nonprofit Law and Finance 

Erik Estrada MPA '06 | Author 

This book addresses the 48 fundamental principles of nonprofit law and finance, comprised of 24 legal principles and 24 finance principles. Each chapter contains at least one case study from the nonprofit sector to bring these principles to life and to give the reader context for the rules of law and finance addressed in that chapter. It’s geared toward anyone interested in learning more about the top issues in both nonprofit law and finance, including philanthropists, volunteers, students, or professionals working in the nonprofit sector.

West Side Girl 300 SQSH

West Side Girl

Anita Solick Oswald MS '97 | Author 

My book helps support Off the Street Club, Chicago’s oldest boys and girls club, in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. CU Denver’s support of and focus on diversity aligned with my work to increase opportunities for diverse businesses and to write and tell my stories.

What Only Painters See bookcover.

What Only Painters See

Philippe Ernewein MA '03 | Co-Author 

This collection of poems brings Belgium's "painter with words" to a new audience of English poetry readers. Awarded the Order of Leopold II for his cultural work, Willem M. Roggeman is a prolific writer, widely translated around the world. Through active support and guidance from Mr. Roggeman, translator Philippe Ernewein now introduces Roggeman’s fantastic Dutch poetry to the United States.

You Can Play Sports Book Cover Rendering

You Can Play Sports

Todd Stoltenberg MBA '13 | Creator 

A first-of-its-kind children's book, it's a touch and feel book featuring eight popular sports, each with a modern illustration and diverse cast of characters, a fun rhyme that teaches key terminology, and a ball on each page that's made from material that actually looks and feels like the real thing. You Can Play Sports is also currently in the process of creating other sports-related products and content for babies and toddlers.


Bright Eyes Creative Logo

Bright Eyes Creative

Alexandra Phillips MS '20 | Founder and Principal Creative Consultant

Our mission is to help businesses and entrepreneurs build future-proof holistic brands that are infused with creativity, innovation, and inspiration through content, design, social media, and brand strategy that further your own mission, products, and services. 

Tree with colorful handprints forming the leaves.

Colorado Inclusion Project

Allison McQueen MA '00 | Founder

The Colorado Inclusion Project provides administrators, teachers and community partners with research-based tools that allow students with disabilities to learn and thrive alongside their non-disabled peers.

DEMI Fund logo.


Danielle Shoots '08 | Founder and Managing Director

DEMI (Domestic Emerging Market Investments) is an investment firm investing in early stage and transition businesses founded primarily by people of color and women. At DEMI, our diverse and inclusive network of entrepreneurs, businesses, and innovations, enables us to invest in and build a sustainable economy and to deliver above-market returns to our investors and partners. Our team prides ourselves on the quality of our work and seeks to exceed expectations across all investments.  We believe that great organizations are built by employing and partnering with the best and brightest people. Our approach is grounded in fostering individual creativity and a sense of ownership. Most importantly, DEMI is dedicated to safeguarding the capital and trust of our clients and advancing their best interests.

Florishion Consulting and Coaching LLC logo.

Florishion Consulting and Coaching LLC 

Danette Shaifer MBA ‘22 | Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer

At Florishion the mission is to help clients identify, design and implement solutions that attract, develop and retain top talent. With the Strategic C4 Blueprint, there is an intentional focus on communication, collaboration, connection and clarification to strengthen team dynamics and demolish internal silos. 

Kaspo Logo

Kaspo Inc.

Matt Kaspari '05, MS '10 | President and CEO

Matt Kaspari, started Denver-based Kaspo in 2003. They are focused on carrying out their mission to Bring Brands to Life through the strategic use of branded merchandise. Matt and his team specialize in event marketing and appreciation to build loyal clients and engage employees around the “why” of a brand. They have one simple rule and that is to work with people they enjoy working with.

Living on the Patio blog logo.

Living on the Patio

Julie Beckwith '95 | Creator

A blog intended to help others who want to expand their living space outdoors to take advantage of the research and construction we’ve already done so you won’t be starting from scratch. Most of all, we want you to have as much fun as we are having creating an outdoor living space that satisfies wants and needs without breaking the bank.

Marta Spirk Logo

Marta Spirk

Marta Sprik MA '12 | Founder

All about helping people step into their entrepreneurial potential. With over twenty years of experience as a teacher, translator and interpreter, Spirk has been able to engage with her audience to support them through the toughest of times. With her 5-Step Engage to Serve Method™, she gets right to the point with strategies that actually work for entrepreneurs who struggle to show up confidently and engage their audiences with their offer. She also hosts The Empowered Woman weekly podcast and created the Get Seen, Gain Trust & Get Paid Masterclass that helps women identify how they're positioning themselves to their audience and how to nurture them into paying clients. 

M2 Lending Solutions Logo.

M2 Lending Solutions

Chris Murphy MS '01 | President, Founder, and Principle

Chris Murphy, founder/principal, started M2 with the goal to create a full-service mortgage company whose sole purpose was to find the right product for a customer’s individual circumstances. Chris knew from his experience that many customers were being sold loans that were not necessarily the right home loan for the customer but paid well for the banks and mortgage brokers. He knew he wanted to give his customers a better experience. 

M2 Lending Solutions is a full-service independent Denver mortgage lender and home loan company serving only Colorado. We work with first-time home buyers, investors, commercial developers, and everyone in between to match you with the mortgage product that is right for you. If you’re buying property, we’ll find the mortgage product that suits your financial goals.

Three Hive Strategy logo.

Three Hive Strategy

Gregory Sturr '95 | Owner

Three Hive Strategy provides fractional expertise to startup and high growth companies who understand building a strong internal People foundation and discipline about data driven decision making is critical to successfully scaling a business. Founders and early stage CEOs are typically visionaries, but are expected to also possess the skills and capacity to build all internal business functions to support their growth. In reality, this is a rare skill set, and growing companies often need outsourced support with strategic planning, process development, thought partnership, and short term projects to build and grow efficiently.

Untapped Learning Logo

Untapped Learning

Brandon Slade M Ed '11 | Founder and CEO

Untapped Learning is an education startup that helps middle school, high school, and college students who have executive function challenges like ADHD and dyslexia. Our mentors work one-on-one with students to develop organization, time management, planning, and self-advocacy skills. We build strong, trusting relationships in order to hold students accountable from a non-parent, non-teacher perspective. Our goal is to empower students to gain confidence, be resilient, and problem solve—benefiting them in school and beyond.

The Vivid Leader Logo

The Vivid Leader

Jahnavi Brenner MS '05 | Founder

"CU Denver expanded my network which laid the foundation for a career pivot from Sales into HR and eventually the launch of my own business, The Vivid Leader" says Jahnavi Brenner. 

The Vivid Leader is a leadership development coaching and consulting firm that aims to create organizations with high engagement, performance, and productivity. 

Engineering & Design

Dekat Engineering Logo.


Kyle O'Hearn '19, MS '21 and Dinesh Raj Panta '19 | CEO and President 

Dekat Engineering LLC is founded by like-minded engineers who have made solving engineering problems their life mission. Inspired by the mountains in Colorado and in Nepal, our mission is to provide excellent engineering services from Mt. Elbert to Mt. Everest.

With roots in Nepal and the United States of America we have a unique culture and background of experiences that is unmatched by similar engineering firms.

Our vision for the company is to be the best engineering firm that spans across countries and mountains.

Freestyle Architects logo.

Freestyle Architects

Jim Barney MArch '02 and Karen Barney MArch '01 | Founder

Freestyle Architects is committed to designing spaces that connect people to this special place and allow them to realize their vision of home for themselves, their families and friends. We offer a broad range of experience in the design of residential, commercial, civic, and historic preservation projects, in the Gunnison Valley and beyond. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, we are able to guide you through the often complex and always collaborative process of designing and constructing, or remodeling, a building.

Estate Architecture LLC mark.

ESTATE Architecture, LLC

Natacha Denis MArch '18 | Founder

ESTATE Architecture, LLC was established in Sarasota, Florida and focuses on design services ranging from architecture to interior decorating. The company will be diving deeper into Residential design, including Architecture and Interior services for New Construction and Remodel work. 

After moving over from Europe as a child, Natacha observed the impact environments had on their distinct communities. As she was born with an affinity towards the arts, an observation and an inclination transformed into a design practice. 

Kicking Gas Logo.

Kicking Gas

Derek Hoshiko '01, MS '05 | Co-Founder

We envision a decarbonized Whidbey Island and a resilient community in the face of the energy and climate challenges today and in the future. In our pilot year, we converted over 115 homes in the Langley, Washington area from oil, propane, and wood heating to efficient, clean ductless heat pumps.

Raw Creative Denver logo.

Raw Creative Denver

Mike Blea MArch '14 and Breton Lujan MArch '14 | Owner

Co-founded by Mike Blea and Breton Lujan in 2014, our first commercial commission was a custom patio for the original location of Uncle in the Denver Highlands. Since then, our Denver, Colorado based team of experienced designers and craftsmen have delivered personalized service and unmatched fabrication capabilities, including full wood, metal and concrete studios outfitted with cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies. 

As we have grown, so have our commissions—from custom residential work to award-winning projects for the food and hospitality industry. Each collaboration has helped us evolve not only as designers and fabricators, but as storytellers, as we realize authentic spaces that bring our clients’ unique vision to life. We’ve also been honored to see our projects featured in such publications as Modern in Denver, 5280 Home, The Denver Post and Eater Denver.

Workplace Elements Logo.

Workplace Elements

Traci Lounsbury MBA '93 | Owner and CEO

Together we are the most comprehensive interior solutions company in the region. Different settings inspire different behaviors. Our branded house of studios blends furniture, technology, construction, and experiential design to build spaces where meaningful interactions are encouraged. We create inspiring places.


Denver Trivia League in block lettering over the top of the Colorado flag.

Denver Trivia League

Julio Trujillo Licensure '14 | Owner

Denver Trivia League is built to be community-oriented and provide an excellent trivia experience for casual players and quiz enthusiasts alike. Denver Trivia League provides higher value, local, community-focused trivia to bars/restaurants in the Denver Metro Area.

Gnomad Golf Logo. A gnome holding golf clubs with a teed up golf ball in the foreground and mountains in the background.

Gnomad Golf

Brandon Fryman '10 | Founder and Owner

We are a mobile golf simulator company specializing in on-demand golf entertainment. Experience the freedom to golf anywhere, anytime, with our mobile golf simulator. Rent our complete setup and transform any space into your personal golfing oasis, whether it's a backyard, event, or even indoors. You can rent our complete package for a single event or multiple days. We handle everything, providing a simulator enclosure, projector, software, and golf balls for an immersive golf experience.

Health & Wellness

AESOP Technology Logo.

AESOP Technology

Jeremiah Scholl '99 | Co-Founder and CPO

AESOP Technology leverages advanced AI to develop a unique Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning Network model. This model enhances clinical decision-making quality and diagnosis, medication, and medical coding processes, focusing on patient safety. We also develop diverse and flexible solutions, facilitating a more seamless integration of medical record information throughout the system and significantly reducing the risk of errors.‚Äč

Barre Forte Logo

Barre Forte

Sarah Brittenham MBA ’13 | Owner & CFO

Barre Forte was founded in 2012 when we opened our first studio in Denver, CO. Our clients were amazed by their results and we knew we needed to open more studios so others could experience our challenging workout. We developed an affordable licensing program to expand Barre Forte across the country. Now, with multiple studio locations, a barre teacher certification program, and licensing opportunities nationwide, Barre Forte has officially arrived on the fitness scene.

The Next Summit LLC logo.

The Next Summit LLC

Alex Derr MPA '20 | Founder

The Next Summit takes a digital approach to educate the public about leave no trace and mountain safety. We support the outdoor recreation community with policy research and advocacy and collaborate with a network of partners. Learn more about our work or explore resources to tackle your own next summit.

Milo High Fitness and Wellness Logo

Mile High Fitness & Wellness

Kim Farmer ’94 | Owner

Denver’s #1 Corporate Wellness and Mobile Personal Training Company is national and works with organizations and individuals across the county.  Offering onsite and virtual wellness solutions for companies, schools, hospitals, senior facilities and more; and personal training and nutrition coaching for individuals.

School of Breaking Logo

School of Breaking

Chase Evered ’07 | Co-Founder

We offer Breaking and Hip-Hop dance classes and programs for students of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are looking to learn the dance foundations of Breaking and Hip-Hop, jump into the competitive world of Breaking, or get involved in your local Hip-Hop community, our instructors are here to educate, inspire, and guide you to express yourself freely in a supportive, welcoming, and creative environment. 


Brasserie Brixton Logo

Brasserie Brixton

Amy Keil MArch '14 | Owner

Neighborhood focused, unpretentious French food and drink in the heart of Cole, Denver. Open for both dinner and brunch.

Coriander Flavors of India Logo

Coriander Flavors of India

Harman Baidwan ’98 | Owner

Comfort food with a twist. Known for its currie dishes, Coriander combines sauces, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, and more spices to create elevated Indian food.



Joseph Kim '05 | Founder and Chief Officer

DAE GEE (which means pig in Korean) is a Korean BBQ restaurant constituted in providing the freshest and dynamic food available. We also believe in the progressive thoughtfulness in being able to educate about Korean food. DAE GEE is the integration of food, the arts and experience.

Holidaily Brewing Company Logo

Holidaily Brewing Company 

Karen Hertz, MBA ’05, Owner

Hertz survived melanoma and thyroid cancer in her early 30’s, leading to a treatment plan including a gluten-free diet. As her passion project, she founded a gluten free brewery.

Inhouse Orders Logo

Inhouse Orders 

Marcus Gallegos '21 and Jian Peng MS '19 | Owners

Marcus Gallegos '21 and Jian Peng MS '19 started Inhouse Orders in 2019. At the time Peng was waiting tables and Gallegos was completing his first internship. Eventually they learned about the Rutt Bridges Venture Fund which is an early-stage, micro-investment fund operated by a team of CU Denver students, faculty members, and professional advisors. As owners and creators of Inhouse Orders, Gallegos and Peng have helped dozens of restaurants across Colorado survive the pandemic by creating cost-saving online ordering solutions. 

Inhouse Orders is a simple, easy-to-use online ordering platform built to maximize revenue retention, minimize hassle, and mobilize data & analytics for independent and family-owned restaurants.

Native Coffee Club Logo

Native Coffee Club

Jake Stechmeyer ’13 | Owner

Colorado’s coffee subscription delivering specialty coffee, free drink cards, and merchandise from different local roasters to your door.

Zomo Logo


Ryan Anderson ’15 and Alysia Davey '15 | Owners

ZOMO is owned by couple and CU Denver alums Ryan and Alaysia. Influenced by their families’ migrant history, the menu offers a unique mix of Asian and American cuisine.


The Chocolate Therapist logo.

The Chocolate Therapist

Julie Nygard '94 | Founder

The Chocolate Therapist is a unique chocolate, wine and coffee shop with on-site chocolate production. We handcraft small batches of our chocolate bars, patties and chocolate meltaways with all-natural chocolate ingredients. There are no dyes, preservatives or artificial ingredients in anything we make. Our dark chocolate is naturally gluten-free and most of our products are also soy-free. Organic flavoring oils, locally roasted nuts and dried berries round out the premium ingredient profile…it’s like no other chocolate!

Embher logo in black on a white background.


Melanie Adams '08 | Founder

Embher is the first brand of flame-resistant clothing designed exclusively for women that is office to job site ready! Our high-quality fabric combined with the best functional patterns make our product the best on the market. We are on a mission to bring equality to the PPE market!

Indigo Bee Co. Logo

Indigo Bee Co.

Emily Brereton '10 | Owner and Maker

Indigo Bee Co. was grown out of a passion to create beautiful, quality, handcrafted items. Emily aspires to create simple and elegant designs with the wild soul in mind. Jewelry made to enhance the natural beauty of your femininity and accompany you on all your adventures. All items are made by Emily Brereton, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Overtone Logo

oVertone Haircare

Maegan Scarlett ’12 | Co-Founder

It’s conditioner that colors your hair. oVertone coloring conditioners allow you to wash in bold hair color right from your shower in less than 15 minutes. The hair-healthy semi-permanent color conditioners are also:
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free of sulfates, parabens and ammonia
  • Suitable for all hair types

Fleur Koko LLC mark.

Smith Board Co

Dakota Smith MBA '23 | Founder

Started in 2022 by Dakota Smith, the idea behind Smith Board Co was to provide a truly personalized ride for every wakesurfer out there. While growing up wakesurfing and wakeboarding, Dakota went on to get his engineering degree from the University of Colorado. He then got his start with researching and designing golf clubs. It was there that he became entranced with pushing the boundary of performance through new materials, new ways to make things, and applying engineering principles in clever ways. 

The mission at Smith Board Co is to eliminate equipment limitations, thereby enabling everyone to freely pursue their passions.


Global Livingston Institute Logo

Global Livingston Institute

Jamie Van Leeuwen PhD '07 | Founder

With our core focus to Listen. Think. Act. the mission of the Global Livingston Institute is to convene global communities to learn and advance best practices in community development and create equitable, sustainable, and culturally responsive solutions to challenges in the areas of health, economic development, and the environment.

Good Play America Foundation Logo.

Good Play America Foundation 

Alejandro Henao MS '13, PhD '17 | Founder

Our mission is to bring joy and the potential of soccer to the children of Colombia by providing resources and giving them hope to turn their dreams into reality.

Women's Global Empowerment Fund Logo

Women's Global Empowerment Fund

Karen Sugar MA '08 | Founder and Executive Director

The mission of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is to support women through economic, social and political programs, creating opportunities while addressing inequality; strengthening families and communities. 

CU Denver Alumni

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