Guidelines for moderating accounts and content

The University of Colorado Denver’s social media platforms are intended to provide information about the CU Denver campus. While we follow the university’s longstanding commitment to free speech and encourage you to share comments and interact with us, we will review all content and comments and remove any that contain threats, obscenity, illegal suggestions, unauthorized advertisements/SPAM/solicitation or the exposure of another user’s protected data.

The University of Colorado Denver social accounts abide by the specific platforms terms, standards, rules, guidelines or policy and we ask you to do the same. For example, content that might be considered free speech for an individual may still be removed for violating one of the platform’s specific policies.

Additionally, administrators of “Class of” groups – created for student engagement – will remove a member if the individual is not an admitted or current student or for any of the reasons cited above.

If you encounter threatening comments on a page/post, please contact University Communications or University Counsel.

Users are expected to abide by applicable laws, regulations, rules and policies including the university’s Student Code of Conduct, the university's Discrimination and Harassment Policy, and other regulations and policies concerning public communications. Comments, images and other content posted to the social accounts do not necessarily represent the opinions of the university. By participating on this page you acknowledge this policy and agree to the terms above.

Guidelines apply to all members of the CU Denver community that oversee or engage on the behalf of a CU Denver-affiliated social media account.

For more information on platform-specific policies/services, see links below.

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