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Version 14 Features & Changes


The upgrade to Sitefinity 14.4 provides users with a modern user interface that supports distraction-free content editing, the addition of user preferences, and new web accessibility improvements. Please keep in mind that once Sitefinity 14.4 is released, it cannot be reverted back to the previous version.

Check out the information below on the new features and changes coming with Sitefinity 14.4!

New user interface (UI)

Sitefinity 14.4 delivers a new, modern UI with more space and less clutter. Key action buttons have been repositioned and other features placed behind menus or collapsible panels to minimize distractions.

Page view of Sitefinity 14.4
Sitefinity 14.4
Page view of old version of Sitefinity
Previous version

Page settings and filters

Page settings and filters have been collapsed to minimize clutter and can be found in the new Filter and Page settings panels. 

14.4 page settings button and panel
Sitefinity 14.4 page settings
14.4 page filters button and panel
Sitefinity 14.4 page filters

Setting a homepage

Setting a homepage was previously located in the Actions menu, but can now be found in the Page settings panel. 

Sitefinity 14.4 set homepage
Sitefinity 14.4 set homepage


The search feature is now in a centralized and consistent location across views. When you search a content type, such as Images, the search will show results from all of the libraries for that content type.

Sitefinity 14.4 search feature
Sitefinity 14.4 search

Title & properties

Title & properties has a new UI format and sections are arranged in a slightly different order. You may notice some different options in the navigation sections, while the basic functionality remains the same.

14.4 title and properties
Sitefinity 14.4 title & properties
Previous title and properties
Previous title & properties

Side navigation

Please note the following changes under side navigation settings in title & properties:

  • If you select to display "All pages under a particular page..." you will then need to select that page in the section titled "Select pages for side navigation".

Select pages for side navigation

  • If you select to display "Custom selection of pages..." you will then also have the option of entering a custom side navigation title. This option will only show for this selection.

Optional side navigation title

Template selection

When you create a new page for your site, you will now be prompted to select a template for that page. Previously, the template was automatically selected for you. Visit this page to learn more about page templates.

Distraction-free content editing

The content editing experience has been updated with more space to easily manage your content. The Preview, Publish, and Save as Draft buttons have been repositioned, while other action buttons (such as Unpublish) can be found in the More Options menu.

14.4 more options in edit view
Sitefinity 14.4 more options menu

The content and layout panel can now be collapsed to maximize your page editing real estate.

Sitefinity 14.4 collapsed content and layout panel
Sitefinity 14.4 collapsed content and layout panel

Editing content

Now when you edit a content type or the content block widget, you will be taken to a full-page view with more space to manage content. 

Sitefinity 14.4 content block editing view
Sitefinity 14.4 content block editing
Previous content block editing view
Previous content block editing

Adding wrapper CSS classes is now located in the advanced settings for content blocks.

14.4 content block advanced settings button
Sitefinity 14.4 content block advanced settings button
Sitefinity 14.4 add wrapper CSS class
Sitefinity 14.4 add wrapper CSS class

Edit toolbar

The edit toolbar for content types, such as enhanced cards, will now show up at the top of the page when you click into the field you'd like to edit. You may need to open the more items menu at the top right of the edit toolbar to access HTML options.

14.4 enhanced card edit toolbar
Sitefinity 14.4 enhanced card edit toolbar

Inserting images

When you insert an image, you will be able to adjust the size and other settings after inserting the image. Previously, you could make these edits before the image was inserted.

Sitefinity 14.4 edit image button
Sitefinity 14.4 edit image button
Sitefinity 14.4 image properties
Sitefinity 14.4 image properties

Inserting documents

When you insert a document into a content block, make sure to name the file as you prefer before inserting the document. If you have inserted a document into a content block and would like to rename it, you will need to either upload the document again with the preferred name or go to the document library to rename the file.

If you would like to update a new version of a document while maintaining its evergreen link, go to the document library and replace the file. You can find this option under the document settings icon after you open the document in the library.

14.4 document settings - replace file
Sitefinity 14.4 document settings - replace file

Content libraries

Please note that when you upload documents, images, or videos, you will no longer have the option to store them in a "Default" library. You will need to select an existing library or you now have the option to create a new library when you upload content.

Addition of user preferences

Sitefinity users now have the option to turn on new user preferences, providing a more customizable and user-friendly experience. These new settings are: 

  • Onboarding tips – an optional guided tour of Sitefinity to help you navigate through the dashboard and content editing.
  • Stay on the same page after Publish – after publishing edits to a page or content type, you will not be redirected to the previous view but will stay on the same page so you can easily continue to make edits.
  • Use quick create for Pages, Forms, Libraries and Classifications – instead of completing the fields in Title & properties when creating a new page, form, library or classification, you have the option to quick create and then complete these fields later. However, you will need to remember to fill out the fields in Title & properties before publishing.
These preferences are turned off by default but can be turned on by selecting the profile icon at the top right of Sitefinity and then selecting Preferences. 
Sitefinity 14.4 profile menu
Sitefinity 14.4 profile menu
Sitefinity 14.4 user preferences
Sitefinity 14.4 user preferences

Web accessibility updates 

In addition to overall accessibility improvements for users navigating the backend of Sitefinity, there are new web accessibility settings in the user preferences menu. 

You now have options to turn on visual outlines when navigating with a keyboard and to increase the contrast for the backend UI.

Sitefinity 14.4 accessibility settings
Sitefinity 14.4 web accessibility settings
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