Reminder: Web Accessibility Compliance Law in effect

The new Colorado accessibility law, HB21-1110, affects university websites and went into effect July 1, 2024. This means that university website owners/content managers must ensure your website content meets the minimum web accessibility standards.

Learn how to meet accessibility standards

Card widget


Need to give teaser information with a link to a longer explanation?  The card widget is perfect for promoting an article, event, class or program.



How to

Drag the card widget from the right column onto your page. Choose Create Content.

Dragging card widget to content area


Enter a heading and text and select an image. Then enter a primary action label – such as "Learn more" or "Read on" – and select a page to link to. Choose More Options to select how you want the card to display.


Card widget settings



Additional Information


• Use card widgets to highlight specific content, not for all the content on your page.

• Limit the number of card widgets on a page to one or two to avoid clutter. 

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