Mass emails and communications

Email is an efficient and cost-effective means to reach internal audiences. However, the overuse of mass email messaging dilutes the impact of these messages and negatively affects the university’s ability to deliver messages of critical importance. We strive to minimize unsolicited, mass-delivered messaging.

There are several ways to communicate information and publicize an event that may be more effective than a mass email.

  • Request that your event be listed in the events section of CU Denver News by contacting Natasha Gardner ( and Alex DeWind (
  • Create signs, artwork, displays, and elevator flyers to promote your event.
  • Promote your event in your school or college newsletter by contacting your school/college communicator.
  • Promote your event on social media by contacting school/college social media managers.

Mass emails

Mass emails are defined as being sent to a large group (over 1,000 recipients), such as all faculty, students, staff, or administrators who have a university email account.

The university will send mass emails to convey emergency information, critical alerts, and important information of campuswide interest as defined by the owners of mass email lists.

University Communications/List owners/Office of Information Technology reserve the right to determine the appropriate distribution of mass emails. Please note the following requirements when considering mass email for internal and external audiences.

  • Must originate from a university entity and may not be sent on behalf of a third-party organization or individual
  • Must concern university business only; no personal or commercial correspondence is permitted
  • Must adhere to CANSPAM regulations
  • Must adhere to university branding standards
  • Cannot serve as event reminders; exceptions include campuswide events, such as Convocation, Commencement, Block Parties, and State of the Campus addresses
  • Cannot encourage enrollment in specific degree programs or classes
  • Cannot promote political or religious viewpoints
  • Cannot promote products or services

To use mass email ListServs

Mass email is sent using the campus Listservs or eComm tools. Listservs are maintained by the Office of Information Technology and have defined campus users that are authorized to send mass emails.

If you believe that your message meets the mass email requirements, please contact Please allow at least two weeks notice for mass email requests.

If you would like help sending a message at the school/college level, please see campus communicators directory.

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