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Republishing Missing People Records

The problem

Approximately 50,000 People records have been unpublished in Sitefinity in an effort to improve performance and prepare data to be migrated to the upcoming Web Bio content type. 

As a site builder, you may find that a record you were using on your website has been inadvertently unpublished in this effort.


The Workaround

To restore the needed data, simply republish the record following these steps. 

Sign in to Sitefinity 

Go to the Dashboard 

From the Content menu, click People 

Unpublished records will say “Scheduled publish on 27/09/90 underneath the person’s email address. The Publication Date will say 27 Sept, 2090.

Unpublished Record Example

Search for the needed record, Email address or Last name are good pieces of data to use in your search 

Search for records

Check the checkbox next to the needed record, use the More Actions button and select Publish

Select Checkbox for record

Records were selected for the un-publishing process based on whether or not extra data had been added to the record. To keep your records from being unpublished make sure to add some extra information to the record.   

Edit the record 

Add something in the Personal Information section:

Add personal information

Publish the record 

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