Facebook is the world’s largest social network with over 1.74 billion users. It provides a place for connection via sharing photos, videos and text updates. Users create personal profiles and establish relationships with people and companies.


Your Facebook Timeline details all of your personal activity on Facebook. It’s called a timeline because it can include information, memories and milestones in your life. What you choose to show — from photos you post to your relationship status — is based on your privacy preferences.

Status updates

A status update is anything that you decide to share with Facebook friends. Through a status update, you can communicate your current activity or location; post a link sharing a recent article; mention or “tag” friends who you want to include in a conversation; and share photos, videos and thoughts. Facebook status updates made by your friends appear in your news feed.


Facebook users who join a page because they have a particular interest in the topic or a connection with the brand/product.


The “like” button can be found on nearly every piece of Facebook content: status updates, photos, comments, brand Timelines, apps and even ads. By “liking” something you can communicate your support of activities, brands, links, products and more. You can now even add emotions, such as "love", "haha", "wow", "sad" and "angry".


Respond to a post written by the page or by another fan with the “write a comment” box.


A person or page can share content from another post on his or her own page by using the “share” feature.


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