No longer is Instagram reserved for #Selfies or food photos. Major brands, including our university, are actively maintaining presences on the platform in order to tell a cohesive and visual story. It allows ample opportunities to showcase exclusive content, engage with advocates and educate individuals on the brand messaging of our organization. With over 12,000 followers, Instagram has become an extremely influential channel where we engage with our community. 


Your Instagram feed shows all the photos from accounts you follow. Instagram uses an algorithm to choose what content appears in your feeds, much like its parent company Facebook. The more you engage (comment or “love” photos) from particular users the more you’ll see their content in your feed. 


Instagram is a visual platform which allows for easy sharing of photos, videos or time lapses. Content is often referred to as “’grams.” It’s all about your visuals. The platform accepts photos, videos, boomerangs or LIVE! content, as well as Instagram stories. 

Liking a photo

Double-tap on any photo or video in your Instagram newsfeed to “like” it as a form of engagement. 


Words, phrases or abbreviations with a pound symbol (#) placed in front will become hyperlinked. They are a way of organizing Instagram content around a particular subject area or trend, such as #CUDenver and #CUintheCity. Don’t be afraid to use many hashtags to increase the reach of your content. It’s not uncommon to use 10 to 20 hashtags in the first comment of an Instagram post. 


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